About the author

Adrienne F. Lund is the author of nine cookbooks. Her first book, The Amish Way Cookbook was published in 1978 and subsequent titles were written and published over the next twenty years. These are comprised of seven Amish cookbooks, one International Cuisine cookbook and a children's book about Amish life. All of the books are registered with the library of Congress.

Adrienne was born in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, but in the 1970's, she and her husband and children moved to Northeast Ohio and bought a home near a large Amish settlement. During the next few years, a succession of Amish girls came to the Lund household to work as mother's helpers and housekeepers. Through this association, Adrienne became interested and enamored with the Amish culture and their delicious and easy style of cooking. With the help of the Amish homemakers in the area, she was privileged to receive authentic Amish recipes which were compiled into these beautiful books. For over 30 years, she has written and sold the books under the company name, Jupiter Press, which she established in 1979. Beautifully illustrated covers and interior designs have been created for the books by Florian Lawton, world famous for his Amish related art work, Walter Pitts, a professional designer and illustrator and Wayne Troyer, a well known Amish artist. Adrienne is also a gourmet cook, herself, and enjoys cooking for family and friends. She is living in Northeast Ohio and has three grown children and three grandchildren.