Plain and Fancy Amish Cookie  Recipes 

                                                  Plus Twenty Candy Recipes                                                                                           A wonderful collection of 120 delicious cookie and candy recipes from 

                                                                   Amish kitchens across the U.S.A. ! Experience the goodness of warm,

                                                                homemade cookies, fresh from YOUR oven! This collection includes

                                                                    scrumptious bar cookies, soft and crunchy style cookies, No bake, fruit

                                                                       based and many, many others that you and your family will treasure and

                                                                       enjoy for years to come. With the additional candy recipes, this cookbook

                                   makes for a perfect addition to your recipe collection. 


                            Click on the book for some free sample recipes!   


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  69 pp., 5 1/2" x 8 1/2"       ISBN 1-886645-01-9