The Harvest Table Cookbook,

                                                                                 Comfort Foods from Amish Kitchens

                                                                                 A delightful collection of Amish recipes, plus a generous portion of

                                                                                                      new, mouth watering fresh vegetable dishes. We know that the benefits of fresh

                                                                                                      fruits and vegetables are becoming more and more important to our well being.

                                                                                                     The Harvest Table offers simple, but delicious new ways to prepare fresh produce

                                                                                                      that can renew the pleasure of eating healthfully, fresh from the garden.

                                                                                                     Gone are the bland, boiled veggies and in their place are sumptuous dishes like

                                                                                                     Sweet Potatoes with Orange, Squash Soufflé and Zucchini with Peppers plus many,

                                                                                                      many more! Inside, you'll find a tasty array of appetizers, hearty soups, crisp salads,

                                                                                                     casseroles and main courses plus delectable Amish breads, meat dishes and

                                                                                                     desserts to make this cookbook a wonderful addition to your collection!


                                                                                                     Click on the book for some free recipes! 


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